The Long-Overdue Busan Post

Okay, first of all, let me start off by stating how many attempts it took me to spell out “overdue”… overdew, overdo, overdough, orverdue… I’m not even kidding.

busan1Moving on. Wayyyy back in April I went to visit my friend Alex, who is currently teaching English (ESL?) in Busan, South Korea. OH YEAH, and that was when all of this shit was going down too. Do I even need to tell you how paranoid my friends and family were about my going? But I wasn’t about to let some psycho dictator ruin my vacation, no fucking way.

And honestly when I got there, you wouldn’t have even known anything was going on. I’m so glad I decided to forego panicking and carry on with my trip.

It’s been so long since I have gone and returned that I can’t even remember what half of these pictures are from. My very short week-long trip was packed with hikes, temples, a spa day (OMG the spas in Korea are ah-MAZE-balls), and more food than you can imagine. In fact, the food part was the best part – sorry Alex.

So here are some pictures of temples and food and shit.






city4^^This one is the rooftop view from Shinsegae, a ginormous “department store” complete with the aforementioned spa, indoor driving range, movie theater, art gallery… I compared prices at the Louis Vuitton store to see if my Speedy 30 was cheaper there, and it wasn’t. (Good thing, or else I would have been hella annoyed).





coffeeWhat cracked me up about Busan was not only the abundance of coffee shops (like, literally, you could pass 3 in a row on a single block. I don’t think Seattle could even be comparable), but also that most of the coffee cups and sleeves had little sayings/stories on them. Like this one. The best one.

coffee2Or this place – Coffee Tomato? “Feel the Aroma of Fresh Coffee”? Sure, why not.


foodThere were also a lot of French-style bakeries and cafés in the city, and it was cool experiencing the different ways in which French food was interpreted.

freshhhhStreet-side produce!

food2THIS little gem, I have no recollection of what it is called. We got it at the spa, and it basically a frosty bowl filled with shaved/crushed ice, vanilla ice cream, this sort of sweet red bean paste, blueberries and nuts. Dear lord, it was amazing. I love how the desserts weren’t overbearingly sweet.

bbqFinally – the Korean barbecue joints. Holy fucking fuck. The best part of my trip, by far. Oh and don’t listen to anyone because kimchi is delicious, and I even attempted to make it when I returned to the States. I shall try again, perhaps more successfully this time…


alexAlex was a gentleman and carried my bag while we hiked. Aww…

alex2I still cannot remember the significance of these intricately-stacked piles of rocks that we saw a few times along the hike…

usIt was an amazing trip. Except now I’m itching to travel more. I feel like after traveling solo for my first trip outside of the States, I can pretty much tackle anything now. Let’s see what all I can accomplish and experience.

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